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Power Bank TALARIA 10000mAh

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Power Bank TALARIA 10000mAhPower Bank TALARIA 10000mAhPower Bank TALARIA 10000mAh

10000mAh Wireless Power Bank with Built-in USB, USB-C, and iPhone Cables

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Elevate your charging experience with our cutting-edge 10000mAh Power Bank, designed to keep up with your always-connected lifestyle. This device combines the power of a high-capacity battery with the convenience of wireless charging and the versatility of integrated USB-C and iPhone cables.

Main Features:

  1. High Capacity 10000mAh: With its high-capacity battery, this power bank provides enough power to charge your smartphone, tablet, and other devices throughout the day, wherever you are.

  2. Built-in Wireless Charger: The integrated Qi wireless charging technology allows you to charge compatible devices without the need for cables. Just place your Qi-enabled smartphone on the surface of the power bank and start charging effortlessly.

  3. Integrated USB, USB-C, and iPhone Cables: Forget cable clutter. This power bank comes with built-in USB-C and iPhone cables, making it easy to charge both Android and Apple devices. No more worries about forgetting or losing cables! It also includes a built-in USB cable for charging the Power Bank itself.

  4. Sleek and Compact Design: The slim and lightweight design fits perfectly in your bag or pocket, making it ideal for use while traveling, in the office, or in any situation where you need a quick energy boost.

  5. Advanced Safety Technology: This power bank is equipped with multiple protections to ensure the safety of your devices during charging. Over-voltage, over-current, and over-heating protection features ensure your devices are safe.

  6. Informative LED Screen: The intuitive LED screen provides real-time information on the remaining battery capacity, allowing you to plan the charging of your devices more efficiently.

With our 10000mAh Power Bank, you won't have to worry about running out of battery when you're on the move. It's the ideal solution for those looking for a simple and convenient way to keep their devices charged and ready for use at any time. Take your connectivity to the next level with this all-in-one power bank.