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Brake pads TP-01E - VOLAR SPORT

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Brake pads TP-01E - VOLAR SPORT

Product code: P21-VS

The TP-01E brake pads from VOLAR SPORT are designed to provide high performance and reliability in the braking system of your TALARIA Sting bike. These brake pads are ideal for improving braking power and resistance to high temperatures, allowing you to tackle challenging situations with greater safety.

The TP-01E brake pads are compatible with the stock braking system and are specifically designed to be used with Shimano's four-piston systems. They are made with a combination of metallic and ceramic materials that ensure high performance and resistance to high temperatures.

The "Metal-Ceramic" line of TP-01E brake pads is specially developed for gravity disciplines, where resistance to high temperatures is crucial to avoid the fading phenomenon, which leads to a loss of braking effectiveness.

With VOLAR SPORT's TP-01E brake pads, you can increase your confidence in the braking capabilities of your TALARIA Sting. Whether you're tackling challenging descents or simply seeking greater overall braking power, these pads are an excellent choice for enhancing the performance of your braking system.

Choose VOLAR SPORT's TP-01E brake pads for increased braking power and better resistance to high temperatures on your TALARIA Sting bike. Ride your adventures with greater safety and control thanks to these high-quality brake pads.

Quantity: 1 pair