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Sprocket 12T - VOLAR SPORT

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Sprocket 12T - VOLAR SPORT

Product code: VS-P-12T

The 12T Sprocket by Volar Sport is a high-quality component specifically designed to fit your Talaria Sting. This sprocket features 12 teeth, offering an ideal gear ratio variation to enhance the performance of your bicycle.

Made with durable and long-lasting materials, the 12T Sprocket by Volar Sport ensures longevity even during intensive use. Its solid construction allows you to tackle challenging terrains and extreme riding situations without compromising on quality or reliability.

The installation of the 12T sprocket is simple and straightforward, allowing you to easily replace the existing sprocket on your Talaria Sting. Make sure to check compatibility with your transmission system before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit.

The 12T Sprocket by Volar Sport offers an optimized gear ratio variation to improve the acceleration and speed of your Talaria Sting. With its 12 teeth, you can achieve a higher pedal rotation speed, making it easier to conquer climbs and achieve better performance.

Choose the 12T Sprocket by Volar Sport to enhance the efficiency and performance of your Talaria Sting. With this quality sprocket, you can enjoy a smooth ride and greater satisfaction during your cycling adventures.

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