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Reinforced 19" inner tube for 70/100 tire - 2.0 mm

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Reinforced 19" inner tube for 70/100 tire - 2.0 mm

Product Code: DS07.3108-C6

The 19" reinforced inner tube for a 70/100 tire is the perfect choice for riders seeking a robust and reliable solution for their tires. Specifically designed to fit 70/100-sized tires, this inner tube provides extra protection and exceptional durability.

With a thickness of 2.0 mm, this reinforced inner tube has been specially designed to withstand the most intense stresses during riding. Whether you're tackling rough terrains, jumps, or obstacles, this inner tube is ready to face any challenge you'll encounter on your way.

Made with high-quality materials, the reinforced inner tube offers increased resistance to punctures, minimizing the risk of sudden air pressure drops. You can enjoy worry-free riding, focus on your performance, and push yourself to the limit with the assurance of a durable inner tube.

Installing the reinforced inner tube is simple and fast, allowing you to replace your existing inner tube in a few steps. Its compatibility with 70/100-sized tires makes it suitable for a wide range of electric motorcycles, providing a practical solution for your riding needs.

Get ready to face every challenge with confidence and security, thanks to the 19" reinforced inner tube for a 70/100 tire - 2.0 mm. Whether you're practicing motocross, enduro, or just going for a ride, this inner tube will accompany you on every adventure, offering the peace of mind of stable and reliable riding.

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