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Pair of Front/Rear Knobby Tires - CRT

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Pair of Front/Rear Knobby Tires - CRTPair of Front/Rear Knobby Tires - CRTPair of Front/Rear Knobby Tires - CRT

Product Code: CRT-70/100/19 + CRT-80/100/19

The front knobby tire by CRT is specially designed to deliver excellent performance on challenging terrains. With its enhanced knob pattern, this tire can improve traction and road grip during rides.

Regardless of the terrain conditions, CRT's front knobby tire ensures a secure grip, allowing you to tackle rough, muddy, or sandy terrains with greater ease. The increased knob pattern provides a larger contact surface with the ground, ensuring better grip and superior stability.

This tire is suitable for both front and rear use, offering flexibility in its installation on your Talaria Sting.

The knobby tire does not bear the CE marking.

Choose CRT's knobby tire for superior traction and road grip on your Talaria Sting. Confidently navigate challenging terrains and enjoy off-road riding with optimal performance, thanks to this robust and reliable tire.

This item is NOT approved for road use!!

KIT: Front Tire 70/100-19 + Rear Tire 80/100-19