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Lithium-ion battery pack (72 V/42 Ah) - MIINK

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Lithium-ion battery pack (72 V/42 Ah) - MIINK

Product code: MIINK72V/42AH

Product Information
Discover a new level of power and endurance for your Talaria Stings and Surron LBX with the Ko-Moto Miink Battery. This exceptional battery pack is carefully designed to redefine your electric adventure, ensuring seamless integration with your off-road machines.

The Miink Battery boasts high energy density, offering you extended ride times and alleviating any concerns about range anxiety. Its advanced lithium-ion technology ensures constant and reliable power, allowing you to explore trails with confidence and cover greater distances. KO's custom copper bus bar connections are rivetingly popularly through the battery terminals before being soldered instead of laser welds commonly seen on mass-produced battery packs of this type. Battery discharge leads can be removed and replaced with longer leads if needed for custom builds, different connectors, or if damaged over time without the need to open the battery or solder connections. The KO 600A BMS is directly mounted to the CNC housing which acts as one large heatsink allowing us to increase power without worrying about BMS power cuts due to overheating. The BMS is set to a peak discharge of 460A for this battery.

Built to withstand the demands of off-road riding, the Miink Battery is housed in a robust enclosure that provides durability and protection against the elements. Ride with confidence, knowing that your battery is designed to withstand the rigors of your off-road electric adventures. 316 stainless steel pressure vessel to reduce corrosion and keep your battery safe. Pressure can be set/controlled via a valve on the top of the housing using the hand pump provided.

The intelligent Battery Management System (BMS) adds an extra level of safety, actively monitoring and balancing cells to ensure optimal performance, longevity, and safety. Protecting against overcharging, over-discharge, and overheating, the Miink Battery ensures a reliable and safe riding experience. BMS data includes all charge and discharge data, cell temperatures, BMS temperature, Datalog, anti-theft PIN code lock function, storage sleep mode function, and error code data. Fully integrated IOS/Android BMS App in the KO Moto controller App, so riders using a KO Moto controller alongside the Miink battery will only need one app, no secondary BMS app required to access BMS data as seen with other batteries.

Elevate your off-road electric experience with the Ko-Moto Miink Battery. Upgrade your Talaria Stings or Surron LBX and embark on an exciting adventure where power, endurance, and reliability converge seamlessly. Invest in the future of electric mobility with the Ko-Moto Miink Battery.


2-year warranty
Dimensions: 400 mm x 164 mm x 144 mm
Weight: 19.8 kg (43 lbs)
460 Amp peak (33.1 kW)
Rated IP 67
KO's custom copper bus bar connections
Patented KO dual pin 350A "standard" connector
Replaceable 4 AWG discharge leads
Pressure can be set/controlled with valve on top of housing using provided hand pump
6061 CNC anodized quick-release battery strap buckles
Fully resin-wrapped and G10 wrapped cell pack

Miink 72V 42Ah Battery
1X 10A Charger with aluminum case
1X Miink Pressure Hand Pump
1X KO 4AWG Breaker Delete with 350A connector