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Talaria Sting Sticker Kit - Neo Green

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Talaria Sting Sticker Kit - Neo Green

Product Code: 34011-56010-000

The Talaria Sting Decal Kit - Neo Green is the ideal choice to give your bike a modern and eye-catching look.

Made with high-quality original 3M TALARIA decals, this kit ensures exceptional durability and weather resistance. The decals are designed to adhere firmly to the bike's surface, keeping the colors vivid and bright over time.

The kit includes decals that fully cover the bike, offering a consistent and uniform design. Every detail of your bike will be wrapped in these decals, creating a bold and distinctive appearance that will stand out.

The decals have a standard thickness, allowing for easy application and excellent adherence to the bike's surface without weighing down its overall look. The adhesion is strong and reliable, ensuring that the decals stay securely in place even during your motorcycle adventures.

Applying the decals is simple and intuitive. Just thoroughly clean the bike's surface, peel the decals off the protective backing, and carefully position them on the desired areas. The decals seamlessly conform to the curves and contours of the bike, providing a finish free from air bubbles or imperfections.

Personalize your bike with the Talaria Sting Decal Kit - Neo Green and add a touch of freshness and modern style. With the quality materials and full coverage offered by these decals, your bike will stand out with its unique and contemporary appearance, reflecting your personal taste and passion for two-wheeled adventure.

  • High-quality original 3M TALARIA decals
  • Provide full coverage for the bike
  • Standard thickness