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Handguards X-Elite White/White - ACERBIS

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Handguards X-Elite White/White - ACERBIS

Product Code: AC-PM-X-BB-C4

The ACERBIS X-Elite White/White Handguards are designed to provide reliable and durable protection for hands during the use of E-Bikes, MTBs, and Minicross bikes.

Constructed from thermoplastic, these handguards are lightweight and compact while remaining impact-resistant. This ensures that your hands are protected during your off-road adventures without adding excessive weight to the handlebars.

The included universal mounting kit allows for installation on all types of E-Bike, MTB, and Minicross handlebars. The installation is straightforward and does not require disassembling the handlebar fittings, saving time and effort.

The X-Elite Handguards feature a spoiler, which can be removed if necessary. This additional spoiler protects the brake and clutch levers from potential impacts or debris during riding, ensuring the safe and reliable operation of controls.

With a weight of only 124 grams, these handguards do not weigh down the handlebars, allowing for agile and responsive riding.

The X-Elite White/White Handguards are effective for hand protection during the use of E-Bikes, MTBs, and Minicross bikes. Their impact resistance, easy installation, and functional design make them an essential accessory for tackling challenging trails with safety and comfort.

Technical Features:

  • Hand protection for E-Bikes/MTBs/Minicross bikes
  • Constructed from thermoplastic: lightweight, compact, and impact-resistant
  • Universal mounting kit for all E-Bike/MTB/Minicross handlebars
  • Simple installation without disassembling handlebar fittings
  • Spoiler (also removable) for protecting brake/clutch levers
  • Weight: 124 grams