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Deaneasy P27 pads for MAGURA MT 5 & MT 7

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Deaneasy P27 pads for MAGURA MT 5 & MT 7

Product code: P27-DS

The Deaneasy P27 brake pads for MAGURA MT 5 & MT 7 are designed to provide a significant improvement in braking power and high-temperature resistance. These pads are suitable for use with the stock braking system and are compatible with MAGURA MT 5 & MT 7 models with 4 pistons.

The "Semi-Metal Performance" line of Deaneasy brake pads has been specifically developed to offer exceptional performance in gravity disciplines, where high-temperature resistance is crucial to avoid a decrease in braking system effectiveness, known as FADING phenomenon. The semi-metallic dual carbon compound, enriched with Kevlar and graphite, provides powerful and modulated braking in all conditions, whether on dry or wet terrain, even with a cold braking system.

The Deaneasy P27 brake pads are characterized by a silent formula that ensures effective braking without annoying noises. Their lightweight design of only 124 grams does not negatively affect the bike's performance, allowing for a smooth and responsive riding experience.

If you're looking for pads for your MAGURA MT 5 or MT 7 braking system that offer increased braking power and high-temperature resistance, the Deaneasy P27 pads are an excellent choice. With their high-quality compound and specific design for gravity disciplines, these pads guarantee reliable and high-performing braking, offering optimal control of your bike in every situation.

Quantity: 1 pair