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Controller PRO for TALARIA STING (Purple) - KO MOTO

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Controller PRO for TALARIA STING (Purple) - KO MOTO


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The PRO controller for TALARIA STING, produced by KO MOTO, is designed to provide exceptional power and easy installation for your electric motorcycle. With its purple color and advanced features, this controller allows you to achieve high performance and full control while riding.

With an input voltage range from 40V to 100V and an operating voltage of 48V to 84V, the PRO controller offers you the flexibility to use it with different battery configurations. You can make the most of the available power for faster and more enjoyable riding.

Thanks to a maximum phase current of 800A and a maximum current of 370A, the PRO controller ensures precise control and extraordinary acceleration. With a maximum power of 35,000W, you can tackle any terrain and overcome any challenge with ease.

The operating temperature of the controller is between 25 and 80℃, providing superior resistance to climate variations and reliable operation in different conditions. The IP67 ingress protection guarantees that the controller is resistant to dust and water, ensuring exceptional durability.

With a maximum efficiency of over 98%, the PRO controller optimizes energy usage, allowing you to cover longer distances and achieve high performance with your electric motorcycle.

The installation of the controller is extremely simple thanks to its plug-and-play design. It is compatible with the standard wiring and default display unit of the Talaria, eliminating the need for upgrades or additional cables on your motorcycle.

Get ready to experience an unprecedented riding experience with the PRO controller for TALARIA STING (Purple) - KO MOTO. Make the most of the power of your electric motorcycle with a controller that offers superior performance, easy installation, and complete control in every situation.

Controller Specifications:

  • Color: Purple
  • Input Voltage Range: 40V-100V
  • Operating Voltage: 48V-84V
  • Maximum Phase Current: 800A
  • Maximum Current: 370A
  • Maximum Power: 35,000W
  • Operating Temperature: 25-80℃
  • Ingress Protection: IP67
  • Maximum Efficiency: >98%